Tang & Biscuit is Richmond's first Floor Shuffleboard Social Club, featuring 10 regulation courts. Space is designed for social interaction, engaging customers in more than rank and file bar visits… challenging them to interact with one another and have more fun!


  • 18,000 sq. ft in Richmond's Scott's Addition.
  • Inviting layout designed to encourage interaction and team building

  • Gourmet kitchen with unique sandwiches a full menu of other tasty goodies
  • 50 foot bar offering local beers AND gourmet cocktails

  • 2,000 square foot corporate rental space available for parties, weddings and special occasions
  • League play, live music, outdoor patio and more!

"Innovation in our businesses and our social spaces is helping put Richmond on the map as a hot spot. We feel we must continue to foster creativity in our city by bringing new concepts and ideas - this is one of them."
- David Gallagher

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